About Us

Welcome!    twinBASIC is an exciting new project that aims to provide a full replacement IDE and compiler for VB6 (and eventually VBA).

The project is led by Wayne Phillips from EverythingAccess.com.  Wayne is already well known by many in the VBA community from his previous work on projects such as vbWatchdog, vbMAPI, and in particular for his service for converting compiled Microsoft Access files (MDE/ACCDE) back to their original source formats (MDB/ACCDB), including perfect decompiling of compiled VBA code (excode / p-code) to original source code.

Wayne has been a self-employed programmer since 2003, over at EverythingAccess.  Throughout his career, Wayne has always had great interest in compilers and x86/x64 assembly.  He wrote his own C++ compiler some years ago in order to generate "Virtual-COM" objects that he uses to embed full featured, native-code optimized COM objects directly into VBA projects without requiring any external dependencies, as seen in vbWatchdog and vbMAPI.

This project is run by Wayne and his partner Louise who is responsible for the day to day running of the business.

We are under no illusion about the size and scale of the twinBASIC project.  We have already come so far, but there is a long road ahead to get to where we want to be.

Please take a seat and watch the twinBASIC journey unfold.

twinBASIC.com is run as a small family business. Contact details;

    Business Name: Wayne Phillips T/A iTech Masters
    Address: 36 Rossmore Road East, Ellesmere Port, CH65 3BN, UK
    Phone Number: +44 0208 123 8030
    E-mail: info@twinbasic.com
    VAT: GB202994606

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