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Wayne Phillips here, with an invitation to be part of something truly special. Over the past 20 years, I’ve been committed to developing software that empowers and inspires. Today, as we slowly approach the v1 release of twinBASIC I’m excited to introduce a unique opportunity: the twinBASIC VIP Gold Lifetime Licence.

Why VIP Gold? Support, Excellence, and a Shared Journey

The VIP Gold Lifetime Licence is more than an offering; it’s a bridge to the future of twinBASIC, designed with the dual purpose of providing you unparalleled access and support, and fueling the final stages of development towards our v1 release. By choosing VIP Gold, you’re not just investing in your development toolkit; you’re actively supporting the project’s journey to v1 completion.

Your Exclusive VIP Gold Benefits:

Perpetual Licence, Lifetime Access:

Secure every current and future enhancement of twinBASIC, ensuring your toolkit remains on the cutting edge — without additional costs. You’ll have full access to the top-tier licence, forever.

Influence and Innovate:

Your feature requests will be given priority consideration, contributing significantly to twinBASIC’s development trajectory in a way that aligns with both yours, and our development necessities. This ensures a balanced approach, where your input is highly valued alongside the feedback from our existing customer base.


As a token of gratitude, as a VIP Gold member you can optionally choose to be acknowledged on our website and within the IDE itself, celebrating your pivotal role in this journey.

[Added 23-Feb-2024] Provide us with a URL address for your company website and we will also provide a permanent link back to your website (both inside the IDE and on our website, subject to our approval).

Swag Pack:

An exclusive collection of twinBASIC merchandise, specially prepared for our VIP Gold members. We are currently preparing these packs, with more details to follow. Delivery commencement will be prior to the v1 launch.

Custom Development:

If you have unique feature requirements for twinBASIC, or wish to fast-track a particular feature request, discuss it with us and utilize up to 20 hours of our dedicated development time, included at no extra cost.

Priority Support:

Direct, priority access to the lead developer for all your support needs, ensuring you have the assistance you need, when you need it.

Plus, Complimentary Access to EverythingAccess Products:

As part of the VIP Gold package, you’ll also receive complimentary matching licences for “vbWatchdog Ultimate Edition” and “vbMAPI”, two fantastic tools for VB6 and VBA developers.

Limited Time Offer:

The VIP Gold Lifetime Licence is our way of inviting you to play a crucial role in twinBASIC’s development. This is a limited-time opportunity to make a lasting impact on the project and secure a suite of benefits designed to elevate your development experience.

Given the exclusive nature of this offer, availability is limited to a small number of customers. This offer is anticipated to be retracted once our funding objectives are met.

A Personal Note from Wayne:

The journey to twinBASIC’s v1 release is not just a professional milestone; it’s a personal dream nearing realization. The VIP Gold Lifetime Licence embodies a collective effort towards achieving this goal. Your support not only accelerates the progress but also reinforces our shared commitment to innovation and excellence.

Join me in the final stages of bringing twinBASIC to its full potential. With the VIP Gold Lifetime Licence, let’s conclude this phase of development together, paving the way for a tool that we can all be proud of.

Pricing and Availability:

This exclusive licence is offered to individual developers at GBP £5000 (plus VAT where applicable), crafted to support the final push towards the v1 release of twinBASIC.

Interested in multiple seat licences or a site licence? Let’s talk to find a tailored solution for your team.

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Offer Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is available starting from 8th February 2024. We may close this offer at any time and without notice.
  • The term “top-tier licence” denotes the highest-grade licence available for twinBASIC, which is presently the “Ultimate Edition.” Should additional, more advanced editions be introduced, you will automatically be entitled to the premier licence available at any given moment.
  • Should the name of the “twinBASIC” product change in the future, this licence will continue to be valid for the product under its new name.
  • Should the ownership or management of the twinBASIC product change or transfer in the future, the terms of this licence will remain intact. Our commitment is first and foremost to our customers, and any future agreement will honor and uphold this licence.
  • Feature requests from VIP Gold members will receive priority attention in our planning process. While we prioritize feature requests from our VIP Gold members and give them serious consideration, it's important to note that not all requests can be guaranteed implementation within a set timeframe. Additionally, for a feature request to move forward, it must align with the overarching goals and vision for twinBASIC. There may be instances where a request, despite its value, might be vetoed if it strays substantially from our planned path or goes beyond what is practically achievable. Our commitment is to ensure that twinBASIC evolves in a way that benefits the broader user community and sustains the project's long-term objectives..
  • If anonymity is your preference, rest assured there’s no obligation for us to share any details about you, either on our website or within the IDE.
  • This package includes 20 hours of custom development time. You can allocate these hours towards prioritizing a feature request anytime within 3 years from the purchase date. Should you need more time, additional hours are available for purchase. Please note, any unused hours will expire 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • Priority support is available with the lead developer via email and/or our official Discord server.
  • Your complimentary product licenses from will be issued to you within 7 days after your VIP Gold Licence purchase.
  • This license is generally non-transferable. However, in exceptional cases, we may consider permitting the transfer of the license at our discretion.

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